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I did not dream of starting my own business because I was tired of corporate life; Make My Day was born out of the crisis of my beloved industry deteriorating due to the country's conditions. In 2016, a year marked by increasing terrorism, a coup attempt, and an uncertain economic future, I embarked on this journey with the thought that I should do something to make everyone's day brighter.

When I founded my company in December 2016 and took the first step with "Do It Yourself Kits," my goals and dreams were different. Instead of giving up after experiencing all the mistakes that could be made in entrepreneurship and learning from them, I decided to continue, not repeat the mistakes, renew the venture, and develop my vision.

Among the lessons taught by being an entrepreneur in Turkey is the reality that things may not go as planned. In the story of transforming all the negatives encountered on the journey into new opportunities, my turning point was the DIY Workshop in a company in April 2017. Realizing the importance of creating together and escaping from the stress of work, household issues, and constantly ringing phones, I focused on #makemydaycorporate and #makemydayworkshops projects, working towards making this venture a beneficial one.

In our seven-year journey, Make My Day has become an experience agency aiming to enhance individuals' and corporate lives with experiences. Progressing with the philosophy that "the day becomes beautiful for everyone who starts to do, create, and learn," we design workshops, experiences, seminars, and trainings that make the day beautiful.

As we complete our seventh year, we have begun preparations to open our first office in Spain, expanding our presence to Europe. Stay tuned for more exciting news.

Looking forward to making your day beautiful and meeting you soon!

Make My Day Founder

Lara Talvi


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