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We are moving forward with an approach that supports corporate well-being and focuses on the development of employees. With a focus on development, collaboration, teamwork, and a spirit of solidarity, we offer you a wide range of over 600 different seminars and experiences in the areas of Well-being, Sustainability, Nutrition and Kitchen, Hobbies, and Arts.

With experienced trainers and speakers, we aim to increase employee satisfaction and take corporate unity to the highest level through these events.

We accompany your offices, meetings, and corporate event days with our corporate experiences.

Coming together in the kitchen, we prepare delicious meals, elevate our energy with dance, and explore the power of mindful awareness. While reducing our daily stress with breathing techniques and calming our minds, we add color to your creativity by touching every aspect of art.

Considering your corporate values and mission, we design unique experiences to enhance the meaning and impact of every moment. These events strengthen team spirit, solidify communication, and allow us to enjoy the pleasure of working together.

We are eager to provide you with an unforgettable and extraordinary day

Since the beginning of the Covid era, we have continued to provide unique experiences exclusively for company employees by also bringing our content to digital platforms. Throughout this process, we have gathered with nearly one hundred thousand company employees and their family members. Our online events are not only about sharing information but also about organizing interactive seminars, games, and workshops, ensuring that participants have an engaging and interactive experience.

As Make My Day, our goal is to enhance team motivation by offering 'do it yourself' kits for special occasions and workshops, covering offices in all cities, fostering creativity, and strengthening teamwork.

Our 'do it yourself' kits are customized to meet customer expectations, and our content includes fun and interactive activities.

We continue to bring our employees together and provide them with inspiring experiences. Looking forward to meeting to create memories with these kits and organize impressive events.

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